What is the use of playing card contact lenses?

These marked contact lenses help you to see a special kind of ink called luminous ink, which is a type of ink that is invisible to the human eye and can only be seen using infrared contact lenses.

By wearing our Infrared contact lenses, you can clearly see the marking on our card specially made for seeing the special marking to indicate some type of thing clearly on the bottom of the card.

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infrared contact lenses to see marked cards

Why can’t the human eye see the luminous marking?

In human eyes, there is a different color in everyone’s pupil, and most of the people who live in Western Europe have blue eye color, mostly the people who live in Spain have hazel colored eyes.

So it is made sure that you ask your customer about their eye color because you will have to make the contact lens according to the eye color of the client as you want to make a contact lens so that your client can easily view the luminous ink that’s has been printed on a deck of cards.

This process is done to ensure that your customer does not have any problem in seeing this mark and may write a negative review on your product and may also demote even other possible customers to take your products.

Mostly those people with dark brown eyes can spot this marking very well from just a normal white-colored IR contact lens, while a light eye colored person may take time as they have to check their exact color and then make an IR contact lens according to the color of the eye of the customer.

These people who have dark bro eyes are normally found in a continent like Asia where not many but people have dark brown eyes. Especially those people who live in India have these types of color eyes.

Those people who are interested in taking a contact lens have to know the normal rate that is 200 US, which is the lowest price for these lenses.

People who have light-colored eyes can opt to buy an IR contact lens, which is very suitable for their eye color and will help them to see these markings very clearly.

Which lens should you buy IR lens or UV lens?

This marked contact lens is not the name of any product, but it is that lens that is specially made for people who want to chat or those who want to catch cheaters.

Many times people come to the casinos wearing these lenses so that they can see everyone’s card and then decide their next move as they want to put in more money or draw their cards.

The IR lens is better than the UV lens as the IR lens lets you see that marking more correctly, even if you have a bright eye color.

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