What Shows you Could be Dating Someone with an Alcohol Addiction Problem in Dallas, TX

AUD, or alcohol use disorder, is a condition that affects most people. While no one wants to imagine that someone close to them could be affected, the reality is that this is often the case. But how does one know that someone close to them is an alcoholic? You may start noting a few strange behaviours that should make it easier for you to seek professional help on their behalf.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Sometimes it is never easy to know if a loved one is addicted to alcohol if you do not know how to identify the signs. They could be struggling with the alcohol and go unnoticed if they are genuinely high functioning or learn how to hide their struggles well. Unless you are keen enough to notice some of the easily missed signs, you can easily pass them by. Below are common signs to watch out for.

They P[refer to Alcohol in Social Events

In case a loved one has to take alcohol whenever in social settings, then they could be struggling. Every time they organize an event or gathering with friends or loved ones, they insist on having alcohol. You can know if they suggest going to a liquor store bar if the party they attended did not serve alcoholic drinks.

They Drink Alcohol to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Instead of finding long-lasting wats to beat their emotional problems, they turn to alcohol for relief. Most such addicts treat alcohol as a sedative when it is not. If someone close t you insists on having alcohol as a stress reliever, then chances are they are struggling to stay sober.

They have no specific Drinking Period

Such individuals struggle;e with drinking alcohol at any time. They d not differentiate between ideal times to drink, mostly during non-working hours or when in events over the weekend. Such individuals are comfortable drinking at any time or season and will not be remorseful.

They have a Different Personality Once they Drink

You will realize that the person’s mood and behaviours change once they start drinking. The changes happen gradually. Usually, people who are shy when sober suddenly get the energy to be hyper and loud. Sometimes the effect is negative as it pushes the addicts to become violent and aggressive. If you realize that there is a change in behaviour and attitude, especially the drastic kind, then chances are that you are dealing with a chronic addict.

They Struggle with Different Areas in Life

You can always tell when a loved one is struggling with alcoholism if they seem to have a specific area of their life affected. They tend to work with finances, keeping their word, or even business sluggishness. Examine the different areas of their lives and see which areas seem to be dragging due to their indulgence. You can always tell when addiction is behind the issue if you investigate closely.

In case of such a realization, it helps them get professional help. Call us today to suggest a customized treatment plan that works for you.

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