What strategies are used with Gangnam rubdown?

In a conventional Gangnam rubdown, practitioners use their hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and once in a while even their ft to lessen anxiety for your muscular tissues. Gangnam rubdown is primarily based totally at the concept that electricity movements thru your frame alongside predictable strains or pathways called sense to boom the float of electricity alongside the sense; the practitioner will circulate your frame into yoga-like positions similarly to pulling and rocking your frame in numerous ways. 

The mixture of stretching, movement, and stress is what distinguishes Gangnam rubdown from different sorts of rubdown. 강남안마  rubdown can be an excellent alternative for you in case you need an extra lively sort of rubdown, wherein you circulate and take part rather than mendacity down at some point of your rubdown.

What to expect from it?

With Gangnam rubdown, you may put on your personal free-becoming garments, or the practitioner may also have you ever alternate into scrub-like garments — a free cotton pinnacle and drawstring pants. You maintain your garments on at some point of the rubdown.

Typically, you’ll lie on a mat or rubdown bed at the floor, now no longer on a rubdown table. Once at the mat, your practitioner will slowly circulate your frame thru more than one stretches, the usage of the load and stress in their frame to help you.

Unlike a Swedish rubdown, oil isn’t used and your muscular tissues usually aren’t needed. Instead, the practitioner will use their hands, thumbs, elbows, and knees to stretch, pull, and rock exceptional elements of your frame. They may also even take a seat down on you to stretch you into sure positions.

Some sorts of stretches may also contain going thru yoga-like moves with the practitioner keeping or pulling you to preserve a pose.

If your muscular tissues are sore or tense, you could sense a few discomfort. If you do, allow your practitioner realize so the stress and stretching may be decreased.

If you’ve got an injury, or a few a part of your frame is especially touchy to ache, make certain to allow the practitioner realize earlier than they begin the rubdown session.


Gangnam rubdown is an historical exercise with many advantages which can be supported via way of means of current science. It may also lessen the severity of your headaches, lower decrease again and joint ache, booms your flexibility, it will help in calm down your anxiety as well as it helps you to energize your thoughts and frame.

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