White Roses Speak of Love

In words of John Boyle O’Reilly – “The red rose whispers of passion. And white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove.” How beautiful are these lines that O’ Reilly has used in his famous poem, “White Roses”? Very! Do you think?

Of the different kinds and types of roses, each of the roses stands for something different, which is what makes it special for us when we gift them to our loved ones. Every different kind of roses emotes a separate kind of feeling, which probably words couldn’t emote that better. Like for e.g., red roses stand for feelings of love, romance, desire or passion, whereas yellow horses stand for happiness and friendship.

Talking of different colours of roses, we have to mention about white roses. Serene white coloured roses stand for purity, innocence, and youthfulness. It is also offered to someone as part of peace-offering/making, which is why a non-violent, intellectual resistance group of Germany have even named their association after this colour of roses. Whites roses are a very common sight at a Christian wedding wherein a bride is seen to be carrying a bouquet full of white and pastel-coloured roses, as she walks down the aisle. It also is said to symbolise young love or eternal loyalty towards someone when passed in beautiful bouquets, boxes, baskets and other such mesmerising floral settings.

As per some traditions, white roses even make great funeral flowers to convey the feelings of reverence and humility. It conveys our love and condolences for someone dear who has heavenly abode. Roses are a versatile expression of love which can be gifted across various happy yet heartbreaking situations from Valentine’s day to funerals to let the other person know what we have always felt for them.

Speaking of love and care that white roses are said to express through them, we just can’t forget the way they look after us. White roses help to maintain the eye health in us humans. It is said to help us bid adieu to all those dark circles and puffed up eye bags and at the same time treat redness and inflammation in the eyes area. Other than that, white roses are also helpful in treating hair loss issues and thereby moisturising our hair with proper nourishment. Wanting to have glowing, beautiful skin? Then, seek white roses’ help to maintain the PH level of your skin and to overcome any skin-related issues, easily. There are more benefits to these white roses which includes lowering blood pressure, smoothening our digestive tracts and relieving us from stress and anxiety. The more we get to know about these pristine white roses, the more we tend to fall in love with them! Isn’t it?

Until now, red roses were seen to be an eminent expression of love. But we were highly delusional in not recognising white roses as being a perfect epitome of love. From its beautiful symbolism to its myriad of benefits, everything hints at one single thing, i.e., white roses speak of love to all.

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