Why is the rate of unemployment in black people high?

We all know that there is an enormous wage gap and other differences between the black and white people. Most of the time, this difference is overseen because it has existed for a long time. However, the pandemic has brought that into the spotlight. The disastrous covid 19 showed no mercy to anyone. Have a look at hiring black job website. It damaged the lives of all of us equally. Both white and black people lost their wealth, health, loved ones, friends and jobs equally. The economy took a downturn and it too affected all of the people. However, the rate of unemployment among the black people is comparatively so much higher than the whites. It does stir our curiosity, does it not?

 While we could keep beating the same drum about how racial exploitation ruined their life, it is not just that. More than racial discrimination, it is the subtle denial of rights and opportunities along with white privilege. Valarie Wilson, a famous economist says that the rate of unemployment as mentioned above is not merely about the ones that are jobless. According to her, it also includes the number of people who are looking for jobs actively, Though it feels a bit like she is glorifying the struggles of black people, we can see that she calls them resilient.  She states that black people have enormous amount of resilience that could help them keep progressing. Do visit: hire black webpage to hire black people

However, the prevailing social demons like inequality and racism keeps pushing them down while they try to make a sustainable progress. It is one of the prime reasons for the high rates of unemployment among black people. White people get more sustainable jobs with stability and a secure income while on the other hand black people remain choice-less and voiceless. This problem could be sorted out only if people clear off social disparities from the scratch and provide equal opportunities. 

Wilson states that the resilient nature of black people will surely lead them towards a fall in the rates of unemployment. Nevertheless, it still cannot reach as low as the white workers. The system gives more privileges to the white-skinned workers and treats them differently than the black workers. This difference in the society leads to not only gap in the rate of unemployment but also massive differences in the growth of the communities. The minorities that receive fewer privileges tend to remain far beyond when compared to the white workers. Though we can all praise blacks for their resilience it is still toxic to glorify the struggles they face just because they were born black. 

The rates of unemployment among the black will continue to remain more till we weed out the social disparities. Providing equal opportunities and equal rewards for their work, which is very basic is still a thing to debate about in the country. Giving people the salary they deserve should not be a big deal and anyone who makes it a bid deal should notbe encouraged. The unemployment 

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