Zanzibar holidays tips

Zanzibar is a group of 50 islands, of which Zanzibar island is the largest, the top known, as well as having some of the most amazing beaches.

Zanzibar is a very touristic place and everywhere you can pay with American dollars. Anyway, it is more beneficial to use the domestic currency that is Tanzanian Shilling. The domestic people who are involved in the tourist industry speak Italian and English.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for holidays to Zanzibar :

Traveling to Zanzibar during Ramadan

The answer is yes, why not? You can holiday packages in Zanzibar and visit Zanzibar during Ramada.  But, the best thing is that to get information from the locals.

The second thing during Ramadan on Zanzibar is, you can go any place and you can do any activity you want to perform. You can eat and drink. But, it is advised that when you want to eat, you should go in the hotel.

Some of the restaurants will not permit you to eat outside because the local people practice their own culture. It is remarkable to respect it and you should respect each other. There are hotels that offer Zanzibar tour packages that are on the beach and this is where you can eat, even when you are outside. Most of the domestic population is in Stone Town, but at the beach, you can drink and eat like you want.

Always respect culture

Zanzibar culture is special because of the combination different sub-cultures. A mixture of European (Protease and British), Arabic (Oman Sultanate) and, definitely, the African, make the place amazing for a visit. All these cultures are charming and intriguing but what you need to bear in mind is that this is a previous British colony. So, driving is on the right side.

What is the best way to travel around Zanzibar with Zanzibar holiday packages all inclusive?

To the east coast of Zanzibar is the top way to travel by taxi – car, because, on the way to there, first of all, the road is very best. There is a lot of bridges versus on the way to the north coast, where there are lot of road brides.

When to go to Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an equatorial paradise, with a hot climate and almost no seasonal variations (high temperature are between 80 and 91 F year-round). As such, the only concern you need account for when making Zanzibar travel plans is precipitation. March through May is the monsoon season, when the islands get approximately 12 inches  of rain per month. It is also the least touristy season, so buy your holiday packages in Zanzibar accordingly.

Flights & Getting around

Flights to Zanzibar : Zanzibar International Airport is placed near the historic Stone Town, the only airport on the island is served by flights from Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. Once you have arrived with Zanzibar tour packages, take a taxi to your accommodation or enjoy the hotel shuttle bus services.

There are regular flights from Zanzibar Island to Mafia and Pemba Island, but a boat transfer would like you from Zanzibar to Chumbe or Mnemba.

Scooters and motorbikes can be hired for a simple and fun way to get around the island via the streets of Stone Town are for walking only.

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