4 Practical Tips to Help You Lower the Cost of a Divorce Attorney

Unlike other types of cases that may be charged on a contingency basis and may not require upfront payments, most divorce attorneys charge flat fees or by the hour for their services. Accordingly, it is common to see many divorce cases, even those that end in out of court settlements, cost several thousands of dollars. This can be a huge financial burden, especially if you are already battling with other living expenses and emotions.

Fortunately, you can control how much your divorce process will cost. Irrespective of how your divorce process is unfolding, there are steps that you can take to lower your costs.

1.Opt For Out Of Court Settlement

Divorce attorneys do not just handle child custody battles but you can also spot them outside of court trying to help a few couples finalize the divorce documents they have already procured.  They can also help you reach an amicable agreement with your spouse outside court.  By settling things outside of court and only using the attorney to perform a final check on your documents, you can easily save a lot of money in the process.

  1. Choose Your Battles Wisely

Everything that you are going to fight for in your divorce is going to cost you. For instance, if you decide to challenge your spouse for $1000 antique furniture and you win, you may find that the time your attorney spends to fight for the item is costing you $1500. Avoid wasting money in battles that involve low-value or replaceable assets like furniture and electronic devices.  Instead, focus on finalizing the divorce process.  Spend money fighting for things that matter the most such as treasured possessions and a fair child custody arrangement.

  1. Keep Your Living Costs Down

It can be a bit expensive to maintain two households, particularly if you have a home or a house that you cannot afford on one income. If possible, consider remaining in the same household until you finalize the divorce process or until the house is sold.

  1. Respect What The Judge Tells You

If you have to be taken to court to follow a court order regarding a few monthly child support payments, the court is likely to enforce its original order and even force you to pay the legal fees incurred by your spouse. So, even if you disagree with the judge’s decision on a few aspects, never attempt to disobey a court order. You will end up paying extra legal fees in the long run.


If your marriage is faltering and you see that a divorce is inevitable, the best thing to do is seek the services of a divorce attorney. However, this does not mean that you have to drain your bank account to pay for legal fees. Investigate your options and see what you can do to protect your long-term financial situation and shape your future. Hopefully, the above tips will go a long way in helping you cut your attorney fees and other legal costs.

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