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Are You Aware How Often You Should Do Chemical Cleaning of Your AC?

Every office, household, hospital, etc. need an air conditioner because it is very important to maintain a proper environment in the room particularly during the summer season. In Singapore, the climate remains humid and hot almost throughout the year.

When you have installed an air conditioner then it is also important to maintain it regularly to acquire the best out of it. Regular maintenance will also ensure a longer lifespan of your air conditioner too.

One of the important phases of aircon maintenance is an aircon chemical overhaul. While buying an air conditioner, also your seller will always advise you on how often he must go for an aircon chemical overhauling.

You can get the right aircon chemical wash price if you prefer to get it serviced by Aircon servicing as they have more than 18 years of experience in this line. Now, let’s discuss how often you must opt for chemical cleaning.

The following are a few factors that will decide at what interval you must prefer your Air conditioner to be chemically cleaned.

Fails to produce cold air

If your air conditioner is full of dirt and dust, then the unit will start producing very little or almost no cool air. This is most of the time will be caused by the accumulation of heavy ice in the condenser.

After this part also your fan coil will get dirty, then it will have a very difficult time producing any cool air for the unit. That is the reason, chemical cleaning will be needed to give it a suitable wash and allow your unit to work properly once again.

The air conditioner is leaking

Most of the leaking or dripping will occur in your air conditioner unit due to a certain backflow that is going to occur when the drainage pipe of the unit has been fully clogged up. As this will happen, you can then expect a steady leaking of stream of water that will accompany your air conditioner.

In such a condition what will be the solution that any service provider will suggest? Obviously, they will suggest a very nice and also thorough chemical cleaning so that the leaking problem can be taken care of.

A bad smell is coming from AC

Bad smell on the air produced by aircon is another problem that may often get developed. When your air conditioner unit will start producing an awful and pungent smell, then there is nothing to worry about it so much.

The reason for such a foul smell is after all not coming from a certain rotten animal carcass. In fact, it is because of a great amount of accumulation of plenty of bacteria lying inside your air conditioner unit.

Once you face such a problem, you must contact any servicing professional in your area immediately and have your AC unit chemical cleaned.

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