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Buying a Fixer Upper? Read This First

Buying a home’s expensive, which is why the thought of buying a fixer-upper can be enticing. Fixer-uppers include homes that have fallen into disrepair and older homes that haven’t been updated. Fixer-uppers tend to be affordable because of the cost of the work required to repair or refresh the home.

While fixer-uppers may make it possible to afford to buy a house, there can be many expenses to add to the mortgage cost. Spend some time researching before buying a fixer-upper to ensure you’re prepared for what to expect and increase your chances of choosing an optimal renovation home. Let’s look at some things you should know before buying a fixer-upper.

Roofing issues can be a sign of significant problems.

Your home’s roof is exposed to the elements and prevents precipitation from entering your home. When rain, snow, or hail get inside your house, they allow moisture buildup, which leads to mold growth. Suppose you’re planning to buy a fixer-upper that’s been vacant for some time. Mold can spread throughout your attic, enter your ducts, and cost thousands to remove. You may also have issues with rotten support beams, floorboards, and walls.

You may need to budget for a roof replacement if you see any signs of roof damage inside or outside the house. Have a roofing contractor inspect the roof and provide an assessment. The roofer will determine whether you can salvage your current roof with roof repair or whether it’s time to install a new roof. You can discuss your options, including using cedar, slate, or asphalt shingles for your new roof. You can also opt for a metal roof. A reputable roofing business will offer a warranty on the materials and labor, ensuring you invest in a new roof that will last for decades.

Outdated electrical systems pose a safety hazard.

Older homes may have old electrical systems, which can be an issue for homeowners. Three-prong plugs need to be grounded, but knob and tube wiring isn’t grounded, which means your appliances are at risk. Ungrounded outlets can spark and damage appliances. There’s also an increased risk of electrical fires. Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reports that electrical systems are the third-highest cause of the 51,000 home fires that occur annually.

Pests can also damage electrical systems. Rodents may chew through wiring, increasing the risk of a house fire. When you tour a house, look for signs of rodents, such as droppings and holes in the walls. Look at the electrical outlets to determine if they have holes for three-prong plugs. Rewiring a home isn’t cheap. Angi puts the average cost for rewiring a house at $15,500, with costs reaching $30,000 for larger homes.

Painting can make a significant difference.

You might walk through a fixer-upper and find yourself deterred by peeling paint and dingy colors. Some rooms may even appear smaller than they are because of the paint color choices. You may also be discouraged by outdated kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, hiring professional paints can transform indoor spaces, revitalize old cabinets, and do a lot of heavy lifting to improve the look and feel of the house.

Professional painters will provide a free estimate for repainting individual rooms, cabinets, or your home’s exterior. Hiring the best house painters in Phoenix ensures you have a team of house painters working on your project who are familiar with the types of building materials used in your area. Whether you have stucco or fiber cement siding, an experienced local painting crew can transform your home efficiently. Exceptional painting companies will verify color options with your homeowner’s association (HOA) if applicable, and they guarantee their work, ensuring you won’t spend money for inferior results.

Buying a fixer-upper can be an affordable way to enter the housing market. There can also be considerable expenses stemming from required repairs. Checking the home’s roof and looking for signs of electrical issues can alert you to the possibility of substantial repair costs. At the same time, repainting’s an affordable way to update your new home.

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