Great Quarantine Purchase

My partner and I used to go out to eat twice a week or so. Sometimes more if there was a birthday or some other celebration. Then the pandemic happened, and that came to a halt. It was disappointing, but it made sense, and we knew it was for the best. So we realized it was a good time to try to start whipping up some things at home that we used to get while we were out. 

We made a list of some favorite dishes that we wanted to try our hand at making. Additionally, we did some research to see what tools would level up our cooking game. The one that rose to the top of the list was a Cuisinart food processor. Neither of us had owned a food processor before, and we really weren’t so aware of the difference between one of these and a blender, so we looked a little deeper into it. What we discovered is that a food processor is a lot more versatile than a blender. We immediately ordered one. 

We were not disappointed in the slightest bit. We were amazed to discover all of the magic that this machine held. We went from being amateurs to seasoned chefs in no time. A bit of an exaggeration maybe, but we really improved in the cooking area. It was so cool. 

We took turns picking out different recipes. We tried a few that were similar to our restaurant faves, but we eventually wanted to get more creative with it. So that’s just what we did. We even tried things that we had never heard of before. 

As we grew more curious, we decided it might be wise to purchase some additional parts for our new kitchen appliance. We went to the KitchenWorksUSA website. They sell Cuisinart DLC-7 parts that are made by Cuisinart. We bought additional blades, including one for making dough. We also got some different sized work bowls for different batches of things. 

We were having such fun, it was almost like we weren’t under any lockdown. It was a nice escape from reality. We learned to do something new that we both loved, we bonded over this mutual hobby, and we were just being healthier overall. It made it easier for us to stay home and we saved a decent amount of money in the process. 

Even now since things have been slowly reopening, we still only allow ourselves to go out to dinner once a month, unless there’s some other special occasion going on. We just enjoy ourselves too much at home now, concocting all these interesting recipes together. It’s easier on our bodies and our wallets, and overall it just makes us feel safer to be at home. We’ve really made the most of quarantine, and we have our Cuisinart food processor to thank for that.

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