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Importance of Sprung Flooring

You must have noticed that the flooring inside any gym, sports facility, or dance studio is different than your normal flooring. But have you ever wondered what the reason behind setting up those smooth wooden floors is? You will be amazed when you realize that these floors date back to the 19th Century, and many famous dance halls such as the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool, London, were one of the first performance halls to have these floors. And such floors are known as sprung floors.

Sprung flooring can absorb shocks by giving people a softer feel. It is also called ‘cushion flooring’ because it protects people who play sports, such as athletes and gymnasts, and people who perform art, such as dancers, ballet dancers, and people in the theatre. These floors greatly help reduce injuries, and people can spring back to the tasks they were performing. Modern sprung floors have foam backing for support. And on the other hand, traditional sprung floors have bent woven wooden planks. Sprung flooring ensures safety along with optimum performance. One of the unique sprung floors is the “Air-Thrust” design, known as the “cushion-of-air.” This structure allows more than 50% of the air trapped under the flooring system. Most of the floors are affected mostly by their absence of “subfloor” ventilation.

The “Air-Thrust” system allows the dynamic shock to be immediately absorbed that causes an immediate response between the floor and the “spring back” reaction, saving you from injuries. The “Air-Thrust” system is commonly installed as Wood Floor System, and one of the essential features is a certain amount of “slip or glide” feature. Since sprung flooring can absorb shocks, it is widely in demand by athletes who need their protection. The “Air-Thrust” is installed with a hardwood flooring system with a very light shade of Mosaic Parquet Floor. If you use the parquetry is a multi-direction Wood Floor System, you can install it anywhere in Australia. Hybrid Flooring Sydney and Bamboo Flooring Sydney are also available now.

All of the information above is well recognized worldwide, and for the past 54 years, many stadiums have been constructed using sprung floors. The sprung flooring with the “Air-Thrust” type gives you 35 years of guarantee. The maintenance for “Air-Thrust” is easier than other flooring systems. And if you’re wondering why, well, that’s because of its tightly firing nature of parquetry flooring surface. The surface produces excellent “glide,” It does not have any open gaps or spacing joints that need to be built into conventional hardwood floor planks. These provide 10mm of expansion on the interior for every 6 meters across the width of the planks.

“Air-Thrust” Sprung Floors deliver more than just magnificent performance. It also generates great savings in maintenance because it is backed up by the company itself that offers 35 years of guarantee! You can also get custom designs on your choice of flooring. And make sure you opt for a qualified business when it comes to sprung flooring!

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