Popular Beginner Vape Designs Available in the Market

Vaping is highly popular among the youth in Australia. The number has doubled from 2016, and there are now approximately 520,000 people who enjoy vaping. Vaping devices have seen several transformations in their features and varieties over the past few years. This has made buying vaping devices a confusing endeavour for first-time buyers, as buying the biggest or the most fancy-looking vape might not give the best results. 

To make the right choice, one must know what the best vape brands like Innokin are and what they have to offer.

Pod Systems and Mods

Pod systems are vaping devices that store the e-liquid in removable and disposable pods inside them. Users can add the required amount of e-liquid into the pod and activate them using a puff-activated firing system to vape. These pod systems are the perfect starting vapes for beginners as they have minimal maintenance requirements. When the pod becomes dirty and requires a replacement, the users can pull the atomiser out of the bottom of the pod and replace it with a new coil or the entire pod.

Pod mods combine the advantages and simplicity of full-vape mods as they provide the convenience to fill the pod system and dispose of the pod when it is no longer of use. The advanced features compared to the starters make them a great step-up for new vapers with some experience and who are looking for more.

Why Are They Popular?

Pod systems are popular for their simplicity. All that the users have to do to use them conveniently is to keep them charged, fill them with e-liquid and change coils when necessary. Unlike vape tanks that require people to disassemble the entire piece to replace the coil, the process here is cleaner and simpler. They are also optimised to deliver the best experience with nicotine salt liquid. They provide a similar experience to a cigarette.

Much of the research and development of vaping products by brands like Innokin goes into pod-based vaping devices. When compared to the traditional pod system devices, pod mods provide better vapour production and battery life. They also offer unique features like variable wattage, rebuildable coils, thread adapters, adjustable airflow and more.

Who Are Pod Systems and Mods Best For?

Pod systems are the best choice for smokers who are ready to switch to vaping and try it out. Pod systems provide the same tight airflow and satisfying throat hit like a cigarette making the switching process easier. It is also a great choice for experienced vapers who would like to reduce their e-liquid consumption by using smaller devices.

Pod mods are a step up for those using entry-level pod systems for a while and are interested in buying new devices that offer more features. Pod mods help them develop their vaping paradigm in the vaping world and get the similar full-fledged vaping experience that one would get from a vape pen or a vape mod.  

Stronger Vaping Devices For A Higher Experience

Those who are looking to diversify their vaping experience or want to give a go at full-featured vapes can opt for vape mods and vape pens. Vape pens are traditional vape devices that have been around for years. They are sleek, upgraded and provide the vape production that vapers are looking for. 

Vape mods are amongst the largest and the most powerful vaping devices available used by seasoned vapers. Their size allows them to hold larger batteries, and hence they provide a longer and more satisfying experience.

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