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Signs You Have a Mold Problem at Home

When you think of mold, you might think of the type lurking in the back of your refrigerator. However, there could be mold that’s much more dangerous hiding in your home. Mold is sometimes hard to spot, but you’ll know you have it when you observe one of the following signs.

Allergy Symptoms All Year

If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms, but it’s not the usual season, you could have a mold problem. Mold causes coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches and itchy skin. For those with asthma, it can trigger a serious attack, so it’s best to schedule mold testing Portland to know for sure if mold is the culprit.

Dank, Musty Smells

Another classic sign of mold in the home is a dank, musty smell. You can tell this is mold if you’ve cleaned and vacuumed and the odor is even worse. Mold contains  something called microbial volatile organic compounds which gives it its unpleasant odor, so get your house inspected if this smell won’t go away.

Wall Paint Won’t Adhere

A fresh coat of paint makes any room look great, but if you’ve got a moisture problem it won’t stick to walls. If paint is bubbling and peeling there’s dampness behind it and that means mold. You’ll also discover that wallpaper won’t stick either.

Mold Spots Appear

Perhaps the most obvious sign you have mold is when you see it in your house. Mold often shows up on walls as green spots or fuzz in the basement. This indicates a moisture problem somewhere in the room and you’ll need to find the source to get rid of it.

Mold causes all types of problems from allergy symptoms to bad smells in the home. If you feel sick only at home and have found peeling paint or mold spots, get an inspection immediately to remedy the problem.

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