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The Crucial Moving Checklist

Moving can be an exciting time for anyone relocating to a new living space. At the same time, the process can be a bit stressful, especially if there are concerns about forgetting something important. One way to make the experience of working with a Dallas moving company a pleasant one from start to finish is to be as prepared as possible. Here’s a crucial moving checklist that can be used to achieve this goal.

At Your Current Home

  • Bid farewell: Leaving an existing home can be more emotional than anticipated. Take time to walk through your home and recall fond memories. This can be especially beneficial if you have children.
  • Meet the movers: A reputable Dallas moving company won’t mind if you take a moment to verify the truck’s DOT license number and make sure the movers truly work for the company.
  • Supervise the packing/loading process: If you can’t do this yourself, ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to keep an eye on the movers as they pack and/or load your belongings. This way, you can look for any missteps that might cause damage.
  • Clean the home: This can be particularly beneficial if you’ll be selling your home or if you already sold it. You can do this as the movers empty each room.
  • Transport valuables personally: Err on the side of caution and keep jewelry, laptops, and other valuables with. Do the same thing for medications, passports, and other important items.
  • Do one last walk-through: The reason for doing this is to make sure nothing is forgotten or left behind. This also gives you a chance to confirm that the HVAC system’s lights and similar things are turned off.

At Your New Home

  • Put down protective mats: If the movers haven’t done so, put down plastic protectors to protect flooring in your new home.
  • Show movers where things go: Minimize new home clutter by pointing out where things go to the moving crew – or at least show them where various boxes go.
  • Look for anything that may be missing or damaged: The moving company will give you a bill of lading. This inventory checklist lists everything moved along with references to condition and any damage that may have occurred. Do your own spot check to make sure everything arrived as expected.
  • Provide payment: If there are no issues, pay the movers. If you’re satisfied with everything, feel free to include a tip – 10-15 percent is typically customary.
  • Get the inventory sheet signed: Doing so provides added protection for you. Get it signed by the main mover in charge. Also, ask for a copy for your own records.
  • Clean things up: Before you start putting things away or arranging furniture, do a good cleaning of your new home. Even if all you have to do is mostly dust, you’ll appreciate a nice, clean home once everything is set up.
  • Get some help assembling furniture: Some movers will gladly lend a hand with this nature’s initial set up. It’s a good idea to ask for this kind of help while movers are still there, so you don’t find yourself struggling.
  • Do the unpacking and document any damage: Lastly, unpack the boxes. Look for any unexpected damage. If you spot things that are broken, take photos to document the damage and set the box aside until the moving company can return to check things out and address the matter.

Working with the right Dallas moving company is another way to make moving a smooth and productive process. Contact us today to schedule your move.        

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