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Things to Ask Yourself While Buying a Modern Dining Table for a Stylish Look

Not all homes have dining rooms, and these days, not all families sit together and have dinner given the busy schedule. But that doesn’t mean you can eliminate the idea of having a perfect dining room. It makes your house more functional and sleek.

It is important to have a dining table that fits your lifestyle. If you are not a traditional type, go for a contemporary one to organize your room. There are a plethora of styles, patterns, and sizes available in the market. Choose the right set that expresses the essence of your home.

Whether you have a small dining corner or a full-fledged formal dining room, it is necessary to take care of certain things before choosing the right furniture. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying.

Does the Dining Table Fit the Room Size?

For a 10 X 10 feet dining room, a 3 X 5 feet or a 3 X 6 feet is a good pick. Six chairs can be perfectly placed around it, still leaving ample space for other furniture items, such as sofas, couches, stools, etc. For smaller rooms or condos, install a dining table against the wall so that you don’t need to spare room to move chairs on one side. If you want to set up a dining table in your kitchen, modern-style dining with a small table and two to three chairs is also a good option.

Why is the Shape of Your Dining Table Important?

An oval or round glass dining table is perfect for small apartments or condos. These types don’t have sharp edges, making them safer than rectangular or square ones that might injure you if you bump into them. Round tables also reveal an informal essence, while rectangular tables suit bigger rooms because of their sophisticated, formal appearance.

What Should be the Material of the Tabletop?

Undoubtedly, wooden tabletops need a bit more maintenance and care than their laminated counterparts but give more warmth and comfort. If you want more visibility, don’t hesitate to opt for a glass tabletop. Glass tables are more contemporary than wooden ones. If you want something unique but sophisticated at the same time, then go for a marble or stone top. When picking the tabletop material, think of the maintenance you can provide to keep your dining table new and shiny for a longer duration.

What Sort of Chairs Should I Pick?

Don’t be calculative or sink into the depths while choosing dining chairs. You will not take much time to have your meal, meaning the comfortable factor needs to be out of the question. Also, if you go for high-backed, relaxing chairs, rest assured, your space will be cramped. Try to add a contemporary touch. Why not go for mixed seating with chairs on one side and bench on the other? Sounds great, right? While buying, sit down on a chair to ensure that the chair and table height is not too low or too high. There should be a 10-12 inches difference between the two for optimal comfort.

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