Things You Didn’t Know About Boating Accident Claims in Miami

South Florida is famous for its savory sandbars, pumped nightlife, and beautiful beaches. Besides that, its waterways are equally famous. Consequently, Miami bays and shores often remain over-crowded with cruise ships, commercial vessels, recreational boats, surfers, jet skis, and more. As a result, boating accidents are common, many of which cause severe injuries and even death. 

Suppose you have been injured or suffered a loss in a boating accident in Miami, you must get in touch with a Miami boat accident lawyer who can legally represent you through the legal process of filing a compensation claim. Here are a few things you didn’t know about boating accident claims in Miami.

Understanding the Boating Laws in Miami

Individuals owning or operating boats off the Miami shores need to follow specific rules and regulations. If they violate any of these laws, the victims have the right to receive compensation for their losses and injuries. Some of these rules are:

  • Any individual needs to take a boating safety course and have a boating safety ID card before they can operate a boat of 10 hp or more. 
  • The boat operator must carry a photo ID proof issued by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.
  • Any water vessel that operates on fuel or electricity must be registered.
  • The boat operator must not attach or moor a vessel with a buoy, light, beacon, or other navigational aid on the public waters.
  • The boat operator must take care that the passengers do not travel on risky parts of the boat from where they can fall.
  • Any child below six years must wear a USCG-approved life jacket while on a boat under 26 feet in length.
  • The boat operator must not have more than .08 alcohol levels in his/her breath or blood.

Any individual operating a vessel negligently is liable for personal injury claims from victims. They are responsible for people and property’s safety, they must respect safe navigation of surrounding vessels, and they must stay away from established fishing regions of Miami waters.

What to do After a Boat Accident?

If a personal injury occurs due to a boat accident in Miami, safety comes first. Seek medical help immediately. Brain injury is quite common in a boat accident, which is caused due to deprived oxygen in the brain while drowning. Severe injuries like concussions and bone fractures are also common, as boat passengers may fall off the vessel or be thrown in a collision with an object or another boat.

When a boat accident occurs, document the event by noting the registration number, vessel operator’s license, accident location, weather and water conditions, and contact details of other people involved in it. It is not rare to find a jet, boat, or ski operator operating the vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

After the accident, document all your injuries and treatment, incurred expenses, treatment progress, rehabilitation, missed work, etc. It is significant to have enough evidence to prove your incurred expenses due to the boat accident in Miami waters. 

If you have been the victim of a boat accident in this stunning city, contact a Miami boat accident lawyer immediately to secure your rights. Choose a law firm that strives to provide full-service, legal representation to people injured in boat accidents in Miami.

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