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Ways to Maintain Your Plumbing System

If your plumbing system is functional, it likely becomes virtually invisible in your everyday life, as the water you get every day may seem so mundane that you might not even think about the pipes behind your house walls. However, as soon as something goes wrong with your water system, your whole world will be turned upside-down. Here are some techniques you should know for maintaining your plumbing system to prevent accidents – major or minor – from occurring.

Smoke Testing

Leaks in your plumbing system’s pipes might be difficult to accurately determine, but one of the best ways of finding potential damage is by smoke testing the system. A smoke test is an efficient way of finding even the smallest of leaks. By hiring the right smoke pump tester, you will be able to find minor leaks in the plumbing system before they can become a major problem.

Fixing Clogged Drains

On a smaller scale, it is important to maintain your house’s pipes and keep them clear. For clearing out clogged drains, you can use either drain cleaners you can buy in the store, or household remedies such as half a cup of salt or baking soda followed by hot water. Make sure to keep up with your drains to prevent water overflow in the future.

Checking Your Faucets

If you notice your faucet is leaking or dripping, you may be tempted to leave it alone as it may seem like a minor issue, but do not ignore it. A leaky faucet can spike the price of your water bill if left untreated for too long. Check your faucets regularly and make repairs as needed to both save money and to prevent the issue from becoming worse.

Your plumbing system may be in the back of your mind, but it is important. Keep checking and testing your plumbing and regularly make repairs and adjustments if you notice any issues.  


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