What to Look For When Finalizing an Engagement Solitaire Ring?

Your engagement ring is the symbol of a commitment between two people, and it marks the beginning of a beautiful life. When a ring holds so much value, it becomes important to exercise extra care while purchasing it. Though there are endless options for engagement rings, solitaire diamond rings seem to have won the couples’ hearts. If you’re getting engaged soon and want to purchase the best solitaire ring available in the market, be sure to follow our actionable tips shared below. 


  • Choose the Best Metal for the Band


The metal you choose for the ring’s band dramatically impacts the overall appearance of the piece. While platinum, white gold, and yellow gold have been famous for imparting a sleek, modern look, it’s time you look for more options. If you want the engagement ring to grab eyeballs, look for a solitaire ring made with rose gold metal. It can be a rare yet killing combination, making others envious of your choice.   


  • Find a Style That Reflects Your Personality 


As an engagement ring will stay with you forever, explore the available options and pick a style that best aligns with your personality.  You can do this by filtering designs of solitaire rings according to your preferred stone type, cut, and designs preference. The market makes it easier to find conventional designs, designs with a twist, or options that are too dazzling to wear in public. In the end, everything ultimately boils down to your preferences, so make the buying decision accordingly.   


  • Think About What Type of Cut You Want


The cut of a diamond refers to how a diamond is shaped or modified before setting it in its mountings. You need to consider what kind of cut will make the diamond look more appealing. Though the market has gives you various options to choose from, you can take your pick from round, pear, marquise, and princess cut, as they’re pretty popular and gives the engagement ring a gorgeous look.    


  • Consider the Ring’s Color 


You need to consider the color of a solitaire ring, as it significantly impacts the appearance. The colors available to choose from are D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, and L, where a diamond with a “J” or higher rating is considered colorless. A lower grade would mean a yellowish-tinted diamond. You can find out about this by requesting reports from your jeweler or simply asking which color grade the selected diamond belongs to. 


  • Buy a Ring with the Perfect Fitting


Picking a ring that perfectly fits your finger is crucial as a too big or too small ring will make you feel uncomfortable most of the time. It will not look attractive and may also distract other people when you wear it. To avoid this, try to measure the diameter of your shortlisted rings and your ring finger, and then pick the one with precise measurements. 

Solitaire rings are expensive, so you need to be sure that your purchase is worthwhile. If you follow the tips disclosed above, your chances of buying that “perfect” engagement ring will be pretty high. Besides these points, you can also pay importance to the setting type (halo, prong, and bezel), budget, diamond size, etc., for best results. 


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