How to choose a good scenic place for pet photography

Pets are the masters when it comes to unconditional love! They are just like the members of the family- enthusiastic, loud, anxious and squirmy. Pets are our furry companions, and often the best friends we will ever have. The warmth of a puppy when we get home from work, the hug of a cat, chatter of birds, all this makes us compassionate towards the world. Pets make some of the most stunning family photos and paintings but they can’t stand still and turn the photographs completely blur. The cute nuances of our dogs can be completely captured in a dog painting as well. The funny gestures of our pets that allow them to wiggle their way into our hearts also make them difficult to photograph. Pet photography is a combination of child photography, sports photography and portrait photography. All pet lovers would want to share their pets’ photographs all over Instagram using funny and cool hashtags.

Often we observe that whenever we pull out our cameras or phones, our pets run away or stop doing their things and sit quietly. The reason is that our attention is pulled away from them, which in turn makes them disinterested. To avoid such situations, one needs to make sure that their pet associates with the camera positively. This means to get the pet involved in play sessions with toys or treats and keep the camera focused on their activities but not one’s attention. Thus, positivity goes a long way in for pet photography and getting their everlasting photographs. 

Pet photography can be tough, but if one starts by choosing the best scenery or environment and sets the camera perfectly well, success is not far away.

One needs to look for a good setting for pet photography, as people usually overlook the surroundings, but it is an important part of the picture. Select the ideal location for taking photos and do pet oil painting, then entice your pet to pose in there.  

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Here are some tips to choose the best place for pet photography and painting:

  1. While choosing a good scenic place to photograph pets, one should consider long grass, lawns, gardens as there is no background clutter and pets would enjoy their free space.
  2. Pets can also be photographed while sleeping or playing to get very natural and candid shots.
  3. Pet photography is tricky and most pets don’t understand posing instructions unless trained well. One can try treating them with their favourite food or toys, this can go a long way in getting pets to look in a certain direction and get some great shots as well as try hands-on dog painting.
  4. Since many pets have a hard time sitting still, therefore setting the camera to shutter priority mode or burst mode can help fetch a sequence of perfect shots
  5. One of the most important things to keep in mind while selecting the place for pet photography is lighting. It is the most important element of a posed shot and can make your pictures look very professional. One should choose a shady spot with diffused light if photographing pets outside, as bright light can irritate them.
  6. However, if one decides to do the shoot indoors, window lights can be utilized perfectly and natural-looking photos can be shot.

The above tips can help choose the perfect place to photograph pets. While the camera settings and type of photograph whether candid, sporty or portrait will help people in getting that polished and perfect pic of their pet. Once a great picture comes out, one can also do a pet oil painting from photo. 

Mentioned below are some ideas and new ways of photographing pets:

  1. Photography sessions should be kept short
  2. Pet treats and a positive environment can help produce great photos.
  3. Shoot from their eye level or lay on the ground and take the best pictures.
  4. Keep the camera ready for “candid” shots.
  5. Use open space or a field to take professional shots.
  6. Natural light should be utilized effectively.
  7. Relax and let the pets do their bit at times.
  8. Look for cute expressions.
  9. Focus on their sharp eyes.
  10. Be patient with them.
  11. Experiment with light, location, toys etc.
  12. Always be ready to shoot bursts and take several shots.
  13. One should try to capture their character and personality.

Hence, the above tips and ideas will help you click great photographs of your pets. As it is always good to have a plan or inspiration in mind, one should try to be open to what the pet actually wants. Trying to force your cat or dog to pose in an open field or a closed room when they haven’t been trained for it is not fair. Always try to make them comfortable and be open to the photographs it may yield.

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