Buy Now Hornady 9mm Critical Duty : A Popular Choice

If you come across an advert telling you to Buy Now Hornady 9mm Critical Duty Ammo, then you’re looking at a product that’s used by people and organisations around the world. The ‘critical duty’ nature of the ammo means that it’s able to penetrate barriers commonly found in urban environments, with Hornady’s ‘Flex Tip’ innovation able to aid bullet expansion and prevent clogging. 

This high quality ammo is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of professionals who require enhanced barrier penetration or those who prefer to use a full-sized sidearm for their personal protection. This particular ammo is able to consistently offer excellent penetration, as well as sustained performance in FBI handgun testing. 

What Makes Them So Powerful?

When you buy now Hornady 9mm Critical Duty, you certainly get a bullet that packs a real punch. How is able to produce this effect in such a small calibre? Well, that has a lot to do with the innovative design that includes their proprietary Interlock band technology which helps to maximize weight retention by preventing the core and the bullet from separating when fired. 

There’s some clever stuff going on in the core too, with high-antimony lead material used making it super-tough and able to offer a controlled expansion. This means that the ammo is able to offer consistent terminal performance. That’s not to mention the fact that it’s a more cost-effective option when compared to similar types of bonded ammo. 

So, What Is Bullet Expansion Exactly?

Another reason why you should buy now Hornady 9mm Critical Duty and one that we’ve already touched upon is bullet expansion. Known informally as ‘dum-dum’ ammo, these projectiles are created to expand when they hit their target. What this does is cause the bullet’s diameter to increase and create a bigger wound. Two versions of this are the soft-point and the hollow-point bullet. 

Being able to enhance this expansion stops what’s known as over-penetration, meaning that you won’t get bullets hitting what you’re aiming at and then having it hit several things behind your target. It’s a safety aspect for what can be a deadly product. 

Staying Hidden In Poor Light

Something else that benefits the user with this ammo can be experienced in low light. Anyone who’s ever needed to will tell you that performing chamber checks in poor light is quite tough, but when you bright nickel-plated ammo chambered, that job gets a whole lot easier.

When firing at dusk or dawn when the light isn’t as good as it could be, these Hornady products offer another benefit. Night vision is something that can be destroyed instantly when viewing the typical flash you get when firing. However, all Critical Duty ammo contains low-flash propellant that significantly reduces the flash and helps to preserve your ability to see when it matters.

Buy Now Hornady 9mm Critical Duty Ammo 

So, if you’re a recreational shooter or a professional needing a purpose-built product for use in a built-up environment, then the aptly named Critical Duty ammo range from Hornady should be at the top of your list of brands to try. 

They’re high-quality, cost-effective and allow you to enjoy power whilst still enjoying the compact characteristics of a 9mm sidearm. 

You could certainly do a lot worse.

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