CBD Oil UK: Look for The Right Choice You Can Opt for

CBD is often mixed with hemp seed oil or olive oil, but it can also be mixed with coconut oil or other vegetable oils. Even when CBD is mixed with hemp seed oil, it is still referred to as cannabis oil because there are no hemp seeds or hemp nuts as a basic ingredient, but an extract from the hemp plant. Different concentrations of CBD Oil UK can be added to the cannabis oil, for example 5%, 15% or 20%.

It is important to inform yourself well before you buy organic cannabis oil. More information about CBD oil and possible positive health effects of CBD can be found in our detailed article about CBD oil.

Cannabis oils with THC

Cannabis, the Latin name for hemp, which contains the chemical component THC, is considered one of the ‘soft drugs’ in the Netherlands. You can consume it in two forms: as hash and as weed. What is the difference?

Hash or hashish

The word hashish, or hash or hash, is originally an Arabic word meaning grass or hay or dry herb. It is a product of the hemp plant, to be precise from the flower tops and leaves of female cannabis plants that are not fertilized (sinsemilla). These are full of so-called trichomes, glandular hairs, which have the shape of a stem with a head on it that resembles the cap of a mushroom. These trichomes produce cannabinoids and the highest percentage of cannabinoids, especially THC, are in the trichome caps. To get hash, the trichomes are separated from the leaves and the substance that remains, so the separated trichomes, is hash. It is also called kief, or kif.

It has a higher concentration of THC than the raw cannabis flower; the THC content can be as high as 90%. Compared to Organic CBD, it contains less CBD. The color can vary from golden brown to black, depending on the plant species and also the purity. This kief can be an oily, sometimes almost liquid substance or have a firmer, resinous consistency. It can also be hard, dry or powdery. This substance is then pressed into a block and sliced ​​again. Hash or hashish is therefore the resin, or a resin extract, that has been compressed to make it easier to consume. You can smoke it in a joint or in hash or water pipes, or inhale it using special vaporizers. You can also take it orally in the form of space cake or cookies, for example.

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