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It is difficult to imagine modern computer work without a mouse. They come in many different types: wireless, wired, gaming, etc. However, whatever the way they work, these devices often do just one thing. The main function of a mouse is clicking. And sometimes, there may be different problems with it and you may want to test it. Or you may just want to learn to start clicking faster. In order to check the performance of this basic function, there are many services and programs. And click test 5 seconds is one of them.

How to Test a Computer Mouse for Performance

The main problems associated with using this device are sticking, delayed clicks, or incorrect calibration. In order to identify and eliminate these faults, there are online services that allow you to detect. In this article, we will discuss one such service.

How to Use a Browser Clicker Game to Test Your Mouse Clicks

We will briefly tell you about such a simple website as In order to analyze the operation of the device, you need to go to the main page of the site and find the “Click” button. It is located in the very middle of the website and has a green color. After that, a special window will open. It is necessary to click on any place in this window with the left button and the analysis algorithm will start. After this, you will have to start clicking as much as you want. If you wish to make a record, then you can try your best to click as many times as it is possible. And if you want to simply test your mouse, then click several times in a row. After this, you will see the results of your clicks per second.


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