How To Protect Your Artwork From Getting Copied With Copyright Authority?

Copying an artwork style is a springboard that leads you to the way of doing things on your own. We all have our unique styles and enjoy the liberty to change directions as we are influenced by others.

When we talk about original art, the mention of Lana Zueva, the full-time oil painting artist at 50 from Australia cannot be missed. Born in Russia, Lana Zeuva has been in love with art since a very early age. After studying art with great mentors and teachers, she has gained various kinds of painting skills and techniques.This is why all her artwork that is displayed on her website Lana Zueva Oil Painting Artist are in different styles that make one wonder how Lana creat paintings as she seeks inspiration in everything.

Copying for learning

Copying an artwork with the intention of learning is perfectly valid as it is for education and falls in the breach of copyright. Problems arise only when the intention is to deceive. If you don’t have permission then it is like stealing someone’s artwork.

Customers can avail of the Lana Zueva commition paintings artist through the exhibitions.Some of her exclusive works include landscapes, portraits, animals and still life. All her artworks have copyright ownership as she creates unique masterpieces every time.

Is it illegal to copy other people’s artwork?

  • Copying a piece of art is legal, but it is illegal to sell and publish it unless you have permission from the copyright owner.
  • Selling or publishing an artwork that is almost similar to an original artwork is also illegal
  • Copyright of an artwork lasts for 70 years unless the rights are sold.
  • It is only after the death of the original creator that it enters the public domain.
  • You cannot present your work as original and should attribute your art as having been copied from the original creator
  • The permission of copying the signature is also termed fraud.

The original artist can claim damages against you as all artists retain the rights to their work.

Protecting your artwork from being copied

When you buy Lanas art in Australia, you can be rest assured that you get the original piece of artwork. There would be a copyright notice at the back of the painting including the authenticity certificate.

There are ways to protect your work from getting copied by others. Getting copyright gives the legal right to protect the use of your work once it has been created. This protection automatically lies with the artist who has created the piece of art.

  • Watermark each image
  • Keep records
  • Put your copyright along with name as well as date on the original work
  • It ensures your artwork is protected with original rights
  • This prevents people from using it without your permission
  • Send yourself a copy by registered mail and keep it unopened.

As we continue experimenting, we keep moving on. However, some artists have complete uniqueness in their work that no one can copy their style but most people just draw and paint to the best of their capabilities. Copying the work of another artist is ultimately like a fool’s errand.

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