What are some the best tools to Clone an Android phone with TheOneSpy? 

When it comes to cloning an Android phone it means you are trying to monitor all the activities happen on the target device or you want to shift the entire data of old device into a new one.  We have read experts articles that say it is a very tough job to do, but we here today going to guide you about using some of the best tools to clone an android cellphone. 

There are plenty of tools are have their presence on the web that claims to be the best to clone a cell phone device for the monitoring purposes and as well as shifting the data from an older device to a new device. However, just telling the worthless step by step process won’t empower you to get the job done. You have to get your hands on the best tool to clone the android mobile device to the fullest.

What is cloning an Android Phone exactly?

It refers to a copy of an old smartphone device data and then shifts or copy the data into the new device. However, clone a device also means that spy on someone’s mobile device to know what is happening on it in terms of activities for digital parenting to protect children from cyber dangers. 

Moreover, you can also clone the company’s devices to keep an eye on employee’s activities within working hours. Let’s get to know what you should do to get the job done convincingly without facing hazels.

What to do to clone an Android device?

Are you planning to clone an Android cellphone or tablet device? You are trying to copy your device data and want to transfer it on another device? We have satisfactory answers against all of your needs and questions. You have to have a kind of tool that can monitor every single activity, installed apps, memory data to the fullest and empowers you to have backup data stored on the target device. 

Let’s get to know how you can get some of the best tools to clone a mobile device to the fullest for data shifting, data monitoring, digital parenting and as well as for android mobile phone monitoring. You just need to perform a few steps to get the high –tech tools packed with plenty of other tools that are best to get the job done.

Install TheOneSpy Android spy app on the target device

The first job you need to perform is to use a cellphone and connects it with the internet and further use the web browser. Furthermore, using a browser goes to the webpage of mobile phone surveillance software compatible with an android device. Besides, get subscriptions once you have access to the webpage and further instantly check your email to get the credentials such as password and login ID. Now perform the following mentioned steps mentioned below.

Take the target mobile device into possession

Now get the targeted device into possession for a while and at the time you have the access on targeted device start the process of installation instantly. From the moment you start the process of installation and to the time you have ended up with it takes a few minutes. Once you have done the installation process and activate it on the targeted device. After the activation process got ended you have to get access to the web portal where you can get the tools you need.

Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Use the password and login ID and get access to the online dashboard where you can get the sum of the tools to clone an android device. You can get your hands on TOS tools that are best for data shifting, kids monitoring and as well as for employee monitoring. However, you can create also create a data backup for an older cellphone device and then you can transfer data to the new one.

Use following mentioned tools of TheOneSpy to clone android device

Data backup

Users can create data backup for all the data you have stored on your older mobile device. When you have been installed the TOS app on the target device it will get all the data stored on the target device. So, you will have the data in the web portal that you can transfer or shift the data on the new mobile device.

Email & Contacts

Users can monitor the emails sent or received on the target device with a complete time stamp and further you can read the content that the target device user has received to the fullest. You can also track contacts stored on the target device’s phonebook.

Media Files

You can have a data backup of your data on an older device in terms of multimedia such as videos, photos, and documents. Moreover, you can remotely spy on the data stored in the target mobile device gallery to the fullest using cell phone tracking software.

Passwords & Bookmarks

Users can retrieve passwords applied on websites, apps, and social media apps and get the browsing activities to happen on the target device you wish to monitor or clone.

SMS & MMS Messages

You can monitor sent or received text messages, SMS, MMS, and other messaging activities and get to know about the conversations made via target device text messaging services.

Social Media apps activities

Users can remotely get access to the target android device and further get the logs of all the social messaging apps and instant messengers installed on the targeted device with a complete time stamp. Users can get the log of instant messaging apps such as messages, chat conversations, audio-video conversations logs and Voice messages.

Call recording

You can remotely record and then listen to the live cellphone calls incoming and outgoing and further you can save the data of the recorded calls to the web portal that you can shift or transfer to the new android phone


TheOneSpy is the best of the best high –tech tool that is packed with further multiple and state of the art tools that empower you to clone an android cellphone for data shifting, parenting online and as well as for surveillance on employees android devices owned by the company.

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