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3 Ways To Aerate Golf Course Water Features

For a weekend golfer, water features represent a strategic part of the game. also provide ambiance and are often part of an overall irrigation and drainage system. Manmade water features need supplemental oxygenation to stay healthy and algae-free. If you are in charge of a golf course waterbody, you may benefit from this discussion of three types of aeration pumps for lakes and ponds.

  1. Bubblers

Bubblers are diffusion pumps that sit at the bottom of the pond and create bubbles that oxygenate as they rise to the surface. Also known as diffusers, bubblers are very quiet, which is an advantage when aerating golf course ponds that may be in a spot that requires quiet and concentration to make the shot.

  1. Aeration Fountains

Fountains are the most popular aeration choice for golf course water features. The large, arching spray patterns and the sounds of water landing in the pond create a pleasing ambiance. The mist coming from the fountain can even cool the environment. As the water moves through the air, it picks up oxygen and delivers it as it lands on the surface. Fountain aerators usually float on the pond’s surface and work best for 10-foot depths or less.

  1. Surface Agitators

These effective oxygenators noisily churn the water, mixing it with air and dissipating oxygen throughout a small- to medium-sized pond. Like the fountains, these work best for shallower ponds, but multiple units can be used for larger volumes of water.

Surface algae overgrowth is nearly a given without adequate dissolved oxygen in the water. A proper aeration system discourages algae, promotes the overall health of your pond and supports healthy fish and wildlife. Each aeration method has value based on the function and location of the pond. For deeper water, bubblers may be the best choice. Fountains and surface aerators are best for shallower depths. Implementing the right system will help you achieve both the aesthetic and functional goals that will keep the golfers coming back.

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