5 Benefits of Copper Recycling

Sunnyvale has taken stringent actions to promote sustainability and mitigate climate change. One of its core strategies is the management of resources sustainably.

Resource management includes the efficient use of all engineering metals, including copper. Copper is a nonrenewable resource, and repurposing the metal is vital for future use. Therefore, copper recycling in Sunnyvale ca has received a lot of mainstream attention. Recycling services have become an outlet for the disposal of scrap metals, insulated wires, pipes, and cables.

So, if you are still wondering why copper recycling is important and how your conscious efforts can bring about positive environmental changes, read the following section.

  1. Prevent landfill

There are about 58 618 housing units in Sunnyvale. Also, 484 different businesses operate in the city. So, you can imagine the waste generated from the housing units and the business sector throughout the year.

Moreover, with the population of Sunnyvale increasing at the rate of 1 percent each year, the strain on landfills has been increasing. So, it’s high time to stop adding to the landfill and resort to a long-term and more sustainable approach.

When you choose copper recycling in Sunnyvale ca, you prevent disposing of the copper items in the landfill and make them useful for various other products. You should know recycling can retain 90 percent of the new product’s value.

  1. Protect existing copper reserve

A large majority of people are still not aware of the benefits of copper recycling since resource availability is limited. So, when the copper reserves are exhausted, it’s gone forever.

The research figures are also quite staggering. About 99 percent of the total copper production in the USA comes from one of the 20 mines. So, it is crucial to act responsibly before it’s too late.

  1. Save energy

Mining copper requires about 100 gigajoules for each ton of metal extracted. While recycling takes only 10-15 percent of the energy, and that makes a lot of difference.

You should know that energy saving leads to chain reactions of positive events. It means when you recycle one metal; you are taking a step toward conserving gas, coal, and oil. Also, when saving energy, you reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Therefore, it is wise to choose a low-energy alternative and conserve the ore for future generations.

  1. Minimize wastage

There is a reason for the unprecedented growth of the market of industrial scraps. So, you must know better to understand the sources of copper and how you can salvage it. Some major copper sources could be building wire, plumbing, hardware, roofing accents, extension cords, and electric motors.

An average home stores almost 400 pounds of copper, which can contribute largely to copper scraps. Hence, anything from a small wire to a big slab of copper piping, copper of all sizes and shapes, can be used through recycling.

  1. Minimize release of toxins

Refining new copper releases a lot of toxins. These toxins can harm the wider environment when they mix in the air. Therefore, recycling copper is a much safer process and an eco-friendly option that minimizes the release of toxins causing damage to the planet.

Copper is one of the most sought-after recyclable scrap materials, and to support recycling, you need to actively participate in recycling efforts. You can also be benefited from the competitive pricing you receive for the scrap materials and purchase the products at lower prices. Recycling can help create jobs, which means you also promote the economy’s growth.

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