Choosing a Local Plastic Injection Mold Company

What is a Plastic Injection Mold Company?

A plastic injection mold company specializes in creating the mold and subsequent products in large numbers. The company has the machinery to inject materials, such as liquid plastic, into a mold. The item can then be cooled and trimmed. When a company invents a new product or needs to order a product in mass quantities, they must choose a plastic injection mold company. These types of specialty companies can be found all over the world and are often contracted in China. 

Why Choose a local injection mold company?

Companies often look overseas for product manufacturing because of the perceived lower costs. Oftentimes, the cost of the plastic mold and the production run is more affordable than that of local companies. However, there are several costs that are often overlooked and they can add up over time. 

When choosing custom plastic injection molding Boonton NJ, it’s important to remember why a local choice may be both time and money-saving. Clients who use companies overseas often have to travel for the initial production run to ensure the first batch is up to par. It’s a good time to make tiny changes that may not have been noticeable in pictures or files. It’s also a good time to meet your contact at the injection mold company so that they can get a better sense of who you are and what you expect. 

While translated communication is getting better all the time in email, it’s still not as desirable as meeting in person. Sometimes clients find that they need to make more than one trip to their overseas company. Airfare and lodging can add up, hiking the price of using a distant manufacturer. 

When your manufacturing company is local, you have unlimited opportunities to visit the site to meet with your team and to watch the product run. Translation won’t be an issue and you can have confidence in clear communication.

There are many different plastic injection mold companies to choose from, so be sure that you trust your team and that you feel confident in their ability to manage the manufacturing of your product. 

Choosing an injection mold company may be one of the most important decisions for your company. Consider choosing locally to take advantage of these low-stress benefits. 

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