What Can Car Accident Victims Expect for Compensation?

It’s natural to wonder how much money you may be able to secure when filing a claim as a car accident victim. Though knowing the approximate compensation award would undoubtedly ease the stress of the litigation process, it is impossible to accurately predict just how much you will earn once your case is resolved. Factors such as medical expenses, property repair costs, and percentage of shared liability all influence the total amount you are entitled to. For a better idea of how to estimate your car accident compensation total, consult the information below.

What is Considered in Your Car Accident Compensation Award

Numerous factors play a role in determining how much money you will receive once your car accident case is resolved. Victims that experience minor bruising or lacerations during a crash, for example, will earn significantly less from the claims process than those who were paralyzed or otherwise severely injured. Further, collisions that result in a wrongful death are often quite expensive, far exceeding the total funds granted to those suffering from physical and mental wounds.

Factors that may influence your compensation sum include the following:

  • Extent of liability: In states that enforce split liability, car accident victims may find that their eligibility for compensation is slightly reduced if they are found to be partially responsible for the crash. This is known as “contributory negligence,” and it may even disqualify drivers from filing a claim entirely.
  • Types of injuries: Since you have the right to pursue compensation for any medical expenses you incurred in the accident, the type and severity of your injuries will directly influence the funds awarded to you. Keep in mind that this includes psychological trauma. So, bills for psychiatry and therapy appointments will be added to your total compensation amount as well.
  • Extent of property damage: Any of your damaged or broken possessions will be covered. To document the amount of money you are entitled to, gather mechanic’s estimates for vehicle repairs and record the current market value of items that were ruined or lost due to the collision.
  • Work hours lost: It is within your rights to demand compensation for any work hours you may have lost to the incident. For example, suppose you had to call out of work to attend a doctor’s or therapy appointment to treat a crash-related injury. In that case, the hours you missed should be logged and reimbursed.

These are just a few examples of the claims you can make for compensation, and how they may affect your total award. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you would be covered for all these costs. So, to strengthen your chances of securing precisely the funds you need, hire a car accident lawyer.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer to Secure Full Compensation

Car accident victims are often offered lowball settlements from defendants’ legal and insurance teams. Falling for this trap could leave you with severe financial consequences, and may even render you unable to cover your medical treatment or a loved one’s funeral costs. Get in touch with an experienced car accident lawyer today to ensure you receive the full compensation amount you are entitled to. With dependable legal guidance, you will strengthen your defense against manipulative settlement offers and protect your financial stability for now and into the future.


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