Why 750 paracord is an essential survival item

“A good 750 paracord bracelet can easily replace several feet of rope and I don’t think I’d ever want to be without one again”.

Many people who have a survival kit or bug-out bag know what 750 Paracord is. They know it’s very strong, has about 7-9 inner threads that you can unwind from the outer sheath for use, and are often sold in various “jerry cans” or pre-made bracelets with enough length to help construct survival shelters.

But 750 paracord adds an extra 30% of cordage in every foot when compared to 550 paracords and is stronger relative to its size. So why isn’t everyone using 750 paracords?

For starters, 750 paracord is more expensive than 550 cord, however, it is much stronger and its 750 inner thread count saves you time and materials when making a shelter or fire starting material.

There is also a 750 paracord “Select” which is the same cost as the 550 cord but which has a more tightly wound outer sheath. However the inner threads are not any stronger than those found in regular 750 cordages, so for the military, we will stick with 750 Paracord Select Review.

What if you find out that you don’t have 750 Paracord in your Survival Kit…now what?   Well, you could try making it, however, we recommend buying an American Made cord from Tough Grid.

Some other bug-out essentials include fire starters,  matches, lighters or flint/steel, other flashlights, and even glow sticks to light up the night.  It is also wise to keep food, water filters, a tent, and blankets at the ready.

So how does 750 Paracord stack up to other survival gear? 750 Paracord is one of the most useful items you can have with you just in case. You can make anything from a hammock, slingshot, fishing line, traps, and much more. The uses for 750 paracords are endless.

What if your Bug-Out Bag has a big hole in it…now what?   Well, probably go back home or try finding some shelter at least! 750 Paracord will keep your pants on as well as hold several other survival supplies in place inside your BOB (bug-out bag). 750 paracord is lightweight and strong; its breaking point sits at

Some people suggest keeping 750 Paracord in your vehicle (if you have a truck). This is not a bad idea as it might help you get out of a jam after an auto accident. However, we recommend having 750 paracords with you at all times if possible (in your backpack or bug-out bag). If you were stuck somewhere then this could save your life! For example, while backpacking 750 paracords could help make a shelter for the night. 750 Paracord can be used in place of rope when cutting down trees, hauling firewood, or hanging food from high.

It is also possible to store small amounts of cord in a paracord bracelet.  You can buy these online or make them yourself.   These are great for wearing around your wrist or ankle. You can even tie the bracelet to a tree if you were lost and needed help. 750 paracord is also strong enough to be used as a weapon in self-defense. It would not be ideal for this purpose, but it could save your life! 750 cord was designed by the military to have 750 pounds of breaking strength. This means that the cord will hold 750 pounds without being cut or damaged. However, there are situations when 750 lbs may not be enough!  Fortunately, you can always just use multiple cords at once to ensure there isn’t a breakage.  We always recommend using a 2:1 rule.

***Note: ***If you do use any part of your survival supplies in an emergency situation please replace what you use as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure that you always have everything you need for an emergency

Other 750 paracord uses include:

– Clothing repair (tying shoes, laces, buttons)

– Rope/towline for rafts or pulling vehicles – Bowstring – Hanging food out of reach from animals – Making snare traps and snares – Improvised stretchers to carry injured persons – Hammocks – Parachute cord is extremely strong and light. It will support your weight if you have to jump with it from a height that would otherwise seriously injure or kill you. You can also tie it to a vehicle and use the vehicle to pull yourself safely across gaps too wide for jumping.  The possibilities are near limitless

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