Teleconsultation: how to make an online visit to the doctor

See how an online visit to the doctor works and understand its advantages.

What is teleconsultation?

The new coronavirus pandemic has changed not only the way people meet socially but also the way they receive health care. 

With the new rules of social isolation imposed as a measure to prevent the spread and spread of the virus, technology has proved more necessary than ever. 

In mid-March, the Ministry of Health published an ordinance regulating the use of telemedicine.

The standard, of an exceptional nature, authorizes remote medical support through the internet, through specific software or platforms.

Telemedicine encompasses several areas of activity, such as:

Tele Orientation: the doctor offers distance guidance and directs patients to isolation. 

Telemonitoring: the doctor monitors the parameters of health and disease progress in patients. 

The tool is an alternative for the entire health system, public and private.

How Teleconsultation Works

All consultations via teleconsultation must have the information recorded in clinical records, with time, attendance data, and registration number of the Regional Council of Medicine. 

New cases of coronavirus must be notified, but always guaranteeing the integrity, security, and confidentiality of the information.

With an electronic device with Internet access, you can consult your doctor online, from the convenience and security of your home.

Teleconsultation can meet a range of health needs, such as:

  • Urgent care, including assessment of possible COVID-19 infection;
  • Primary care, including medication management;
  • Issuance of medical certificates and prescriptions;
  • Counseling;
  • Pre-clinical assistance and monitoring support;
  • Consultation with specialists.

Regarding the results of this type of service, the vast majority of the public reports a positive experience with telemedicine. 

The convenience factor counts a lot since there is no need for a car trip and concerns about hygiene and safety when leaving home in the middle of a pandemic.

Also, online service reduces movement in health agencies, which also contributes to reducing the risks for professionals working at the site and inpatients. 

Are our online medical appointments safe?

Security software keeps personal information private. A process called encryption blocks access to video and screen sharing activities. 

Passwords and invite-only meetings ensure even more security for your teleconsultation.

How to schedule a teleconsultation

Some companies and healthcare systems offer online services for advice or urgent care that do not require scheduling. 

These “on-demand” services may be available at your clinic or as part of your health plan. 

Outpatient health clinics, on the other hand, schedule video visits, just as they do with face-to-face consultations. This may be the case with your doctor.

Visit the website or call your clinic to learn more about the options and information needed for a teleconsultation.

On the date set for your appointment, you will receive instructions to log in to the clinic’s video visit system and connect.

How to prepare for a teleconsultation

Conducting a teleconsultation is much easier and simpler than you probably think.

Only a few precautions with the user device and internet connection are recommended:

Check your camera and make sure your device has speakers and a microphone or he


If you’re using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, find an area in your home with Wi-Fi or strong mobile data. And make sure you have enough battery before starting your service.

As you do at any appointment, be ready to talk about the reason for your visit, including new or changed symptoms. Also, keep your list of medications and supplements handy.

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